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General questions

  • Why is the percentage of protein in fresh frozen pet foods always lower than the percentage in dry foods?

    At first glance, it does seem that Rodi’s fresh frozen pet foods contain less protein than dry food: after all, the percentage of protein stated on the packaging is much lower than that for dry foods. One should take into consideration, however, that the amount is given as a percentage of the complete product (as is legally required). When we turn this into grams and then look at the amount of dry material, it becomes evident that the amount of protein in fresh frozen pet foods is, in fact, not very different from that in dry foods.

    What is even more important, however, is the quality of the protein, or how well the dog can absorb this protein. The higher the biological value of a protein, the easier it will be for the dog to absorb that protein. Animal proteins are much easier to absorb than proteins derived from vegetables. So a food may have a very high protein content, but if the biological value of these proteins is low, they are not much use to the dog in practice. Rodi products are mainly composed of meat, and therefore the protein they contain is much more useful for your dog.

  • How are the Rodi fresh frozen pet foods prepared?

    Rodi fresh frozen pet foods are prepared in our own factory in Opmeer, where they have more than 25 years of experience with the processing of fresh meat. The fresh meat and the other natural ingredients are ground, mixed, and then frozen at a temperature of -18 º C. This ensures that all important nutrients are preserved and thus retain their nutritional value. Next, the sausages or discs are packed in boxes and stored in a freezer unit. The products are then distributed to the customers directly from Opmeer.

    Our factory is IFS (International Food Standard) Higher Level certified, which means we meet extremely strict quality standards regarding the processing and packaging of fresh frozen pet foods.

  • What is the best way to defrost Rodi products?

    It is best to defrost Rodi fresh frozen pet foods in the fridge. Tip: Get the meal ready for the next day in the evening, just before you go to bed. The fresh frozen pet food will be defrosted in the morning.

  • What is the shelf life of Rodi fresh frozen pet foods?

    After defrosting Rodi fresh frozen pet foods can be refrigerated for no more than one day. Remember that it is raw meat, after all.

  • On holiday! How do we feed the dog?

    Fresh frozen pet food is not convenient to take with you on holiday, but Rodi has an excellent alternative: Rodi Sausages. Our Rodi Sausages contain at least 75% meat and thus tie in perfectly with the fresh frozen pet food your dog is used to. The only difference between Rodi Sausage and Rodi fresh frozen pet foods is the way it is prepared: Rodi Sausages are heated instead of frozen. As a result, the product can be kept outside the fridge, making it perfect as a reward but also as a complete food for holidays. Just like Rodi fresh frozen pet foods, Rodi Sausages to not contain artificial antioxidants, preservatives, fragrance, colour or flavourings.

  • What is the difference between Rodi Exclusive and Rodi Classic fresh frozen pet food?

    There are some important differences between Rodi Exclusive and Classic fresh frozen pet foods:

    • Rodi Exclusive products are manufactured without cereals.
    • Rodi Exclusive products are available in 200-gram sausages with an edible and 100% digestible intestine skin in 800-gram packs. Rodi Classic products are available in 100-gram discs and 400-gram packs.
    • Rodi Exclusive products all contain seaweed, cranberry and salmon oil.
    • Rodi Exclusive fresh frozen pet foods are all complete. Some Rodi Classic products are supplemental products.
  • What about the quality of Rodi products?

    Rodi products are all produced in our own production facility in Opmeer in North Holland. This production facility has been processing meat for more than 25 years and therefore has plenty experience with regard to the processing of (fresh) meat and food for dogs and cats. The production facility is IFS Higher Level certified, which means we can guarantee that our products are produced according to extremely strict quality requirements.

  • Why is the skin of the Rodi Exclusive sausages edible and digestible?

    The skin of the sausages consists of collagen. Collagen is an animal protein derived from beef. And because collagen is derived from beef, it is natural and easy to digest.

  • What about raw meat and bacteria?

    Raw meat contains bacteria, and so does our fresh pet food. A large proportion of these bacteria are good bacteria that contribute to your dog's health and boost its intestinal flora. However, some of the bacteria may cause problems in certain groups of people, such as young children, the elderly and people with impaired immune systems.

    When feeding a diet of fresh raw meat, we therefore recommend that you take into account the hygiene requirements below.

    - Store the meat in a sealed container in your freezer.

    - Preferably defrost the meat in the fridge in a sealed container separate from your own food.

    - After feeding, thoroughly wash everything that has come into contact with the fresh meat with hot water and soap. Don’t forget your hands!

    - If your dog hasn't eaten the meat within an hour, you should discard it.

    - Make sure you serve our fresh meat dinners in a cool place and out of the sun. It is also important that flies can't get to the raw meat, since they can spread bacteria.

    - Ensure that small children can't get to the fresh meat.

Food and feeding schedules

  • Can I deviate from the values in the nutrition table?

    It is important that you realise that the values in the nutrition table are guidelines based on an average dog. So these values can differ per individual dog. The energy need of each dog is determined by a number of factors, including gender, size, age and physical activity. In addition there are also specific situations that can influence the energy need of a dog. For instance, a stressful period may cause the dog to use more energy than usual.

  • How often should I feed my dog every day?

    It is best to divide the amount of food for an adult dog over two portions a day. For a pup we recommend that you divide the daily amount over at least four portions a day, since a puppy’s digestive system is not yet fully developed.

  • At what time should I feed my dog?

    In the wild, dogs live in packs. The leader of the pack always eats first, thus establishing its status. For your dog, your family will be its pack. It is therefore essential that you show it its place in the pack. As such, the family should eat before the dog.

  • Can I give my dog something extra in addition to its normal food?

    If you wish to give your dog something extra in addition to its usual food it is best to choose a sensible snack in the shape of a treat especially made for dogs. These treats are tailored to the nutritional needs of dogs and therefore do not disturb the balance of the dog’s diet. Rodi, for instance, has Rodi Meat Sticks in its range; high-quality meaty snacks that are prepared with no less than 75% -83% meat. Just like the fresh frozen pet food they are also made without chemical fragrance, colour or flavouring. In other words: Rodi snacks are a perfect, responsible choice for those who wish to give their dogs something extra.

  • Can I wean my pups with Rodi?

    Jazeker, Rodi is uitermate geschikt om pups mee af te spenen. De darmflora van pasgeboren pups is nog niet goed ontwikkeld. Pups die van moedermelk worden overgezet op vaste voeding krijgen daardoor vaak diarree. De voeding wordt dan nog niet goed verdragen. Dit probleem kan met Rodi voorkomen worden. De natuurlijke vleesvoeding sluit aan bij de behoefte van jonge hondjes. Pups die afgespeend worden met Rodi hebben daardoor bijna nooit last van diarree. Bovendien wordt gelijktijdig de darmflora opgebouwd, zodat de pups een goed start krijgen!

  • What is the best, most responsible way to change from dried food to Rodi fresh frozen pet food?

    Het is belangrijk u te realiseren dat een hond die gewend is aan droogvoeding een te hoge PH waarde in zijn maag heeft om direct probleemloos vriesverse vleesvoeding te kunnen verteren. In droogvoeding zitten namelijk veel meer koolhydraten die door een hond alleen verteerd kunnen worden wanneer de maag een hogere PH waarde heeft. Om rauw vlees te kunnen verteren dient de PH waarde in de maag lager te zijn, met andere woorden; de maag moet zuurder zijn. Om uw hond voorzichtig klaar te maken voor vriesverse vleesvoeding adviseren wij u om eerst in ieder geval één, maar liefst twee maaltijden over te slaan, zodat de maag leeg is. Vervolgens kunt u stapsgewijs iedere dag iets minder van de huidige voeding en iets meer van de vriesverse vleesvoeding geven.
    Schrikt u niet wanneer uw hond de nieuwe voeding niet meteen wil eten, want hij is tenslotte gewend aan droogvoeding. Hij moet gewoon even wennen.


  • Why does my dog eat its faeces?

    In almost all cases, eating faeces is a behavioural problem that originated in the litter. Your dog will have seen its mother clean the bed and may be copying that behaviour. Normally, over time, pups stop behaving like this, unless they have additional motivation for eating faeces, such as a lack of attention, poor toilet training or boredom. In some cases eating faeces may have a medical cause. For instance, your dog may have worms or a medical abnormality.

  • What is a food allergy?

    When a dog has a food allergy, its immune system will react unfavourably to certain ingredients in food. Well-known symptoms are skin complaints (rash, hives and/or infections) and itchiness. This allergic reaction is often related to animal proteins, but it is also possible that the dog is affected by other substances in its food. In that case, it is a good idea to change over to a hypoallergenic diet (for example Rodi Exclusive Hypoallergenic). A hypoallergenic diet consists of nutrients that rarely cause an allergic reaction. By feeding this diet for at least 6 weeks, you can assess whether the situation improves. It is important that the dog is only fed this diet during this period of time (no treats!). Once it is known to which ingredient your dog is allergic, you may start giving it treats that fit in with the diet.

  • What is a gastric torsion?

    A gastric torsion, also known as bloat, means the stomach twists so that it is closed off at both its entrance and its exit. A dog’s stomach lies fairly loosely within the abdominal cavity. When the stomach gets bloated and fills with gas there is a chance that the stomach will twist, creating a blockage. As a result, food, air and fluids can no longer enter or leave the stomach. Symptoms of a gastric torsion are increased salivation, retching, trying to vomit, and possibly a distension of the left side of the abdomen (due to a bloated stomach).

    A number of factors play a part with regard to the risk of developing bloat:

    • Dogs with a deep chest cavity (mostly large breeds) are at increased risk.
    • Large amounts of food or water in the stomach increase the risk of a gastric torsion. Therefore, you should divide the recommended daily amount of food over at least 2 portions.
    • Excessive exercise after the meal increases the chance of the stomach twisting in the abdominal cavity.
    • If a dog wolfs its dinner down, it swallows too much air. Too much air in the stomach increases the risk of a gastric torsion
  • My dog is overweight. How can I make him lose weight in a responsible manner?

    You cannot just make a dog lose weight by feeding it less. If you do so, it does not just get less food, but it also gets fewer nutrients. We therefore advise using Rodi Exclusive Weight Control. Rodi Exclusive Weight Control contains fewer calories but still contains enough vitamins and minerals. In addition, the product also contains extra fibre in the shape of raw peas, which ensure your dog will not feel hungry. Of course, your best friend should also get plenty of exercise. So put on those hiking boots!

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